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  1. NTA Blog: Holiday Greetings

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    As we wrap up this year with putting the finishing touches on the National Taxpayer Advocate’s Annual Report to Congress, we are taking a break this week and next from posting this blog.

    We’ll be back after the New Year with a fresh round of blogs on the most serious problems of taxpayers, as well as recent Taxpayer Advocate Service research and legislative recommendations.

    From all of us at TAS to all of you, we wish you much holiday cheer and all the best in the New Year!

    The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the National Taxpayer Advocate. The National Taxpayer Advocate is appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury and reports to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. However, the National Taxpayer Advocate presents an independent taxpayer perspective that does not necessarily reflect the position of the IRS, the Treasury Department, or the Office of Management and Budget.

  2. TAS Tax Tip: Deduction and Expense Changes; Gear-up now for changes that will affect your 2018 return

    It’s the holidays and is anyone really thinking about taxes? We hope you are, because there are certain things you will want to know now, and some you may need to act upon before the end of the calendar year.

    For individuals, the Taxpayer Advocate Service’s Tax Reform Changes website, in both English and Spanish, has information for you about what is changing and what is not for the 2018 tax year in an easy to understand format by topic and line-by-line using the 2017 Form 1040.  

    But before you go to this website, we would like to highlight just a few changes in the law involving some of the more common deductions and expenses, particularly for those taxpayers who normally itemize using a Schedule A.

    Changing Deductions and Expenses

    Here’s the short list of items related to families:

    • Standard Deduction 
    • Mortgage Interest
    • Taxes You Paid (Including State and Local, Income, Real Estate, and Personal Property Taxes)
    • Miscellaneous expenses (unreimbursed employee business expenses, tax return preparation fees, and other miscellaneous fees)
    • Medical and Dental Expenses
    • Charitable Contributions

    Items that Require Action Now

    First, you should check your 2017 itemized deductions to make sure you understand what the tax reform changes could mean for your tax situation in 2018. Tax reform nearly doubled the standard deduction amount for all filing statuses so you may find the increased standard deduction more than your total itemized deductions from last year. Therefore, you may want to opt for choosing the standard deduction rather than itemizing. If so, this may mean not as much recordkeeping may be necessary.

    Of course, you may still wish to itemize. Itemized deductions are no longer limited if your adjusted gross income (AGI) is over a certain amount. You may want to review the changing amounts allowed on Schedule A, such as the increased Charitable deduction allowance for contributions of cash, and take action before the end of this year.

    More Help and Information

    The Taxpayer Advocate Service wants to help you understand all the items that are changing and ones that are not, so please visit our website and take a few moments to look through the information listed there and find the tax items relevant for you and your family. We don’t want you to miss out on any tax-related items that have changed this year because you were unaware of them.

    Other Resources:

  3. Help us spread the news about our new Tax Reform Changes website

    NEW (12/13/2018): The 2018 Form 1040, schedules and instructions are now available. Our Tax Reform Changes website shows where the new tax law items can be found on the 2018 form, in addition to the 2017 form.

    Promote Our Site

    Is your business or association involved in helping others understand federal income taxes and the ramifications of changes to those laws each year?

    If yes, we invite you to visit our new site and then help us spread the word about the Taxpayer Advocate Service's Tax Reform Changes website.

    Use the products below to post them to your website, link to them, use them in your social media or any other way that you are able.

    What is the Tax Reform Changes website for?

    It shows what changed under the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and what has not changed, in both English and Spanish. It even includes line by line explanations and scenarios to describe how the changes will be reflected on individual tax returns filed in early 2019.

    Who should know about it?

    It is beneficial to everyone who either files a tax return, helps others to file taxes, or who provide financial advice.


    Products available for use


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    Original post creation date: 9/11/2018

  4. Nuevo Sitio Web Sobre Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos que Explica qué está Cambiando y qué no


    NUEVO (12/13/2018):El formulario 1040 de 2018, los anexos y las instrucciones ya están disponibles. Nuestro sitio web de Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos muestra dónde se pueden encontrar los nuevos elementos de la reforma de impuestos legislación fiscal en el formulario de 2018, además del formulario de 2017.

    Cambios En la Reforma de ImpuestosPuede saber que el Congreso aprobó una importante reforma tributaria en la Ley de Recortes y Empleos (TCJA, por sus siglas en inglés) el 22 de diciembre de 2017.

    El IRS actualmente está trabajando en la implementación de esta compleja legislación tributaria que afectará tanto a individuos como a empresas. A la luz de la extensa lista de artículos bajo TCJA, particularmente los que afectan a individuos, el Defensor del Contribuyente ha creado el sitio web de Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos.

    ¿Cómo puede ayudarme el sitio web de Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos?

    El sitio web de Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos muestra a los contribuyentes – usted – cómo la nueva ley de impuestos puede cambiar las declaraciones de impuestos futuras y ayuda a todos a planificar estos cambios. Incluso incluye explicaciones y escenarios línea por línea para describir cómo la nueva ley puede afectarlo.

    Nuestro sitio optimizado para dispositivos móviles identifica específicamente los elementos claves de declaración de impuestos bajo la ley de impuestos actual (2017) y muestra los cambios de la TCJA que entraron en vigor para el 2018 que se reflejarán en declaraciones de impuestos individuales presentadas a principios del 2019. Además, está diseñado para que todos puedan ver fácilmente qué artículos tiene y no han sido cambiados.

    (Nota: Seleccionar Configuraciones, Subtítulos, Español, Subtítulos en Español)

    ¿Qué es más importante para mí saber?

    Lo que es muy importante saber es que la TCJA tiene muchos cambios que afectarán directamente la cantidad de impuestos que deberá pagar este año. La TCJA también modificó las tasas de retención de impuestos para 2018. Estos cambios significan que hay una posibilidad significativa de que no tenga suficiente de su salario retenido para cubrir impuestos este año.

    Por lo tanto, todas las personas que están empleadas deben tomarse un momento, ya sea que revisen nuestro sitio primero o no, para verificar sus cantidades de retención de impuestos federales. Si necesita hacer cambios, simplemente presente un nuevo Formulario W-4, Certificado de Descuentos del Empleado para la Retención. Puede usar el enlace a la página de Verificación de Talonarios de Cheque del IRS desde nuestro sitio web Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos para hacerlo ahora.

    ¿Puedo suscribirme para recibir las últimas actualizaciones?

    Sí. Debido a que el IRS todavía está en el proceso de emitir orientación sobre algunos asuntos de la TCJA, el sitio web ha sido diseñado para incorporar información actualizada a medida que esté disponible. Para que usted, su familia, amigos y otros contribuyentes puedan inscribirse para recibir alertas y mantenerse informados de la nueva información de la TCJA a medida que se agrega. Simplemente, seleccione el botón púrpura “Subscribir” en la parte superior del sitio.

    Original post creation date: 10/04/2018

  5. New Tax Reform Changes Website Explains What Is Changing and What Is Not

    En Español

    NEW (12/13/2018): The 2018 Form 1040, schedules and instructions are now available. Our Tax Reform Changes website shows where the new tax law items can be found on the 2018 form, in addition to the 2017 form.

    Tax Reform Changes

    You may know that Congress approved major tax reform in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) on Dec. 22, 2017.
    The IRS is currently working on implementing this complex tax legislation that will affect both individuals and businesses. In light of the extensive list of items under the TCJA, particularly those affecting individuals, the Taxpayer Advocate Service has created the Tax Reform Changes website.

    How can the Tax Reform Changes website help me?

    The Tax Reform Changes website shows taxpayers – you – how the new tax law may change future tax filings and helps everyone plan for these changes. It even includes line-by-line explanations and scenarios to describe how the new law may affect you.

    Our mobile-friendly site specifically identifies key tax return items under current tax law (2017) and shows the TCJA changes that took effect for 2018 that will be reflected on individual tax returns filed in early 2019. Plus, it’s designed so everyone can also easily see what items have and have not been changed.

    What’s most important for me to know?

    What is very important to know is that the TCJA has many changes that will directly affect the amount of taxes you will owe for this year. The TCJA also changed tax withholding rates for 2018. These changes mean there is a significant chance you may not be having enough of your pay withheld to cover taxes this year.

    So, all individuals who are employed should take a moment, whether you review our site first or not, to check their federal income tax withholding amounts. If you need to make changes, simply submit a new Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. You can use the link to the IRS Paycheck Checkup page from our Tax Reform Changes website to do that now.

    Can I subscribe to get the latest updates?

    Yes. Because the IRS is still in the process of issuing guidance on some TCJA items, the website has been designed to incorporate updated information as it becomes available. So you, your family, friends, and other taxpayers can sign up to receive alerts to stay informed of new TCJA information as it is added. Simply select the purple Subscribe button at the top of the site.

    Original post creation date: 8/19/2018